Public Affairs & Civic Engagement (PACE)

The PACE (Public Affairs and Civic Engagement) Department focuses on advocacy, social justice, civic engagement and political empowerment to uplift the dignity and empowerment of the Muslim American community, and contribute to the betterment of all Muslims and Americans as a whole through a faith-based framework. We are dedicated to building a just and equitable community by standing against all forms of discrimination and injustice, cultivating an educated and motivated Muslim electorate through an integrated voter engagement strategy, and advocating for equitable and justice-based policies and social reform that represent our community’s best interests. The PACE Department also aims to uplift the voices and visibility of Muslim Americans and their stories to finally take control of our narrative and increase positive Muslim representation in media and civic society, while working to make overall positive contributions to our community by providing necessary services, awareness, and resources to underserved populations.

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